The Magirus SUPERIMPACT X6 is the alternative for high-performance airfield fire protection. This airport fire fighting vehicle is specially designed for the most demanding and extreme performance. It is a completely new Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle (ARFF) based on large truck series with reinforced components and especially broad axes.

This new series, based on IVECO chassis, is the result of a close collaboration between chassis engineers and fire protection specialists – for maximum performance from a single mould. The powerful chassis has a total weight of 33 tons with a width of 2,900 mm and a 560 HP (412 kW) engine. Its maximum speed is 113 km/h; it accelerates from 0-80 km/h in less than 33 seconds.

The SUPERIMPACT X6 features extreme handling stability. Due to the extremely wide wheel track and low centre of gravity, its cornering performance is optimal. The SUPERIMPACT X6 passes the tilt test on a 30 degree slope and meets international ARFF standards.

The crew compartement is specially designed to meet airfield fire-fighting requirements and can be equipped with upt to four seats.

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