The Magirus M42L turntable ladder with its 42 m working height is best on the job where fire brigades have to reach particular heights: In modern big cities and major urban metropolitan areas. In spite of their tremendous working heights, these ladder trucks are easily manoeuvrable, fast and extremely secure. They feature all the benefits of modern Magirus turntable ladder technology.

Chassis: 18 t class chassis
e.g. IVECO MAGIRUS EuroCargo 180 E 30 4×2
or similar chassis from other manufacturers
Engine power: 220 kW / 299 HP
Wheelbase: 5,315 mm
Cabin + Seats: All steel technology 1 + 2
Gross vehicle weight: 18,000 kg


Advantages & special features of the M42L

The full automatic turntable ladder M42L with combined, simultaneous movements according to DIN EN 14043. The 5-sections ladder set with active oscillation damping CS (Computer Stabilized) comes with VARIO jacking safety system. The ladder turret with automactic self-levelling provides up to 22% side slope. The Magirus M42L is very easy to safely operate thanks to display indications and computer monitoring. The rescue cage with centrally arranged control stand comes with entrance gates at the cage front corners according to practical experience.

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