The Magirus M42L-AS articulated turntable ladder is now the highest articulated ladder in the world, combining the reliability of Magirus turntable ladders with the benefits of articulation at heights greater than any achieved in the past.

Chassis: 18t class chassis
e.g. IVECO MAGIRUS EuroCargo 180 E 30 4×2
or similar chassis from other manufacturers
Engine power: 220 kW / 299 HP
Wheelbase: 5,670 mm
Cabin + Seats: All wheel technology 1 + 2
Gross vehicle weight: 18,000 kg


Advantages & special features of the M42L-AS

The Magirus turntable ladder M42L-AS with its new, patent pending Magirus single extension system enables to first extend only the top section of the ladder – only then all the other ladder sections. The improvement of weight distribution over the axles, the relief of rear axle and a basic reduction of the total weight of the vehicle ensure more payload for more technical fire-fighting equipment. The Magirus M42L-AS impresses with more outreach thanks to reduction of weight on ladder top. The operating height is 42 m as well as 4.7 m articulated arm without telescop. Some of the assets of this turntable ladder are the increased water output of up to 2,500 l thanks to new water piping as well as shorter set-up times. All benefits of the Magirus turntable ladder technology are also valid for this innovative ladder.

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