The Magirus M32L-AS articulated turntable ladder with a four-part ladder unit and single extension system improves weight distribution and increases the payload, enabling larger loads.

Chassis: 16 t class chassis
e.g. IVECO MAGIRUS EuroCargo 160 E 30 4×2
or similar chassis from other manufacturers
Engine power: 220 kW / 299 HP
Wheelbase: 4,815 mm
Cabin + Seats: All wheel technology 1 + 2
Gross vehicle weight: 15,000 /16,000 kg


Advantages & special features of the M32L-AS

The Magirus M32L-AS turntable ladder with its new, patent pending Magirus single extension system enables to first extend only the top section of the ladder – only then all the other ladder sections. The improvement of weight distribution over the axles, the relief of rear axle and a basic reduction of the total weight of the vehicle allows more payload for more technical fire-fighting equipment. Furthermore it comes with more outreach thanks to reduction of weight on the ladder top while offering 32 m operating height and 4.7 m articulated arm. Further characteristics are the increased water output of up to 2,500 l thanks to new water piping as well as shorter set-up times. All benefits of the Magirus turntable ladder technology are also valid for this innovative ladder.


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